Cruising The Apocalypse…

If you happen to reside on planet earth odds are you have been affected in some way by the current pandemic situation. Going out for a cruise suddenly has taken on new meaning as a temporary escape from the uncertainty surrounding everything. This writing is dedicated to my personal means of escape, real world & eventually virtual too.

In my case that rolling escape happens to be a fifth generation model mustang which I’ve put on hold dumping cash into (temporarily) at least until the crisis ever wanes. 

There is an untold number of cosmetic mods for these years and it’s really easy to forget that less does in fact equal more. Cosmetics include 2008 bullit style grille, gt350 type quarter window deletes, spoiler delete deck lid swap, 2013 led style tail housings, retro-matched sport mirrors (modest list) but even so gets pretty involved when it comes to customizing a 3d model to clone within a simulator. I haven’t put this car in the weeds yet (I was leaning towards air-bagging it), but that’s all off the table right now. Model however will reflect a bit different.

The biggest obstacle will be grafting modified tail housings into the model. I’m porting this model into Simbin’s cult road-race simulator from 2005, ‘gtr2’ which still has a dedicated user base, although it looks like many sites have closed up shop (one of the more popular from memory being nogrip racing)


  • 4.6  modular (281 cu in) sohc V8 (alloy block & heads)
  • Tremec TR-3650 5 speed manual transmission
  • 8.8 inch rear (3.55 ratio)
  • 300 bhp @ 5750 rpm. 320 ft-lbs @ 4500 rpm
  • 60 mph: 5.1 sec. 1/4 mile: 13.6 @ 99.9 mph (motortrend)

“The 2005 GT is quicker than all but the current supercharged SVT Cobra, and, even so, only by a 0.2-to-0.3-second margin. With a 5.1-second run to 60 mph, the new Mustang outruns a comparable 1999-2004 GT four-speed automatic by nearly a full second.”

             motortrend (october 2004)

If you have a copy of gtr2 or have further interest in involvement with it, I started the unofficial sub-reddit for gtr2 three years ago already and it largely (even though I have been months inactive) has regular user activity. Click the gtr2 logo off to the side of this paragraph and archive it away. Periodically I will be piecing the mustang model together and have most major components lined up and ready to go.

I lucked out locating an accurate set of the optional 18 in ‘fan blade’ style factory wheels online some months back. I have a functioning and accurate cockpit model already to go in addition pending minor edits like autometer gauge trio and radio delete plate. I performed the radio delete shortly before the crisis and was second guessing myself soon afterwards not having radio reception in an apocalypse runner. Project in a permanent state of flux as is various stand alone projects I have lined up in the near uncertain future, I will update more as I progress here. I’m also working on a regularly updated gtr2 blog covering future model builds and other aspects. Until then, be safe.