Grand National (build 3.0)

Maxing out the eye candy potential of the Grand National series of mods for nr2k3.


Below you will find the download links to a complete graphical conversion for the grand national series of mods for nr2k3 season (featuring both winged bodied cars and non-winged) Before unboxing and installing, read this section further to ensure you have the necessary files in place to fully optimize visuals.


What’s included:
Base mod (gn70 3.0) for ease of install simplicity (original read me included)
Graphical files in re-packed nr2003 dat file.
Installation read me.

The adjacent screen grab of the simulated interior of the Petty plymouth can be achieved with minor drag and drop of a few files included with select car downloads found here

The purpose of the drag and drop is to generate color-matching interiors from the first person (behind the wheel) perspective. Although the graphical conversion below will work without any additional files (or drag and drop necessary) – for maximum visual effect I recommend only using add on cars found on site due to the fact that they have been created to work with this particular graphics update to the exclusion of all others.

Final screen grab is an external visual (3rd person) of an optional color-match ready car file. *Note that although the crash bars retain a proper color-match; the majority of the interior is contrasted in black (this limitation is set in stone & built into the mod series itself)

*Non-color optioned car files feature non-contrasting darkened crash bars and are already suited to the install-ready neutral colored interiors included with the graphical upgrades below: