Corvair City.

Couple of rare & unsafe corvair coupes…  


Finished up with an updated set a corvairs: a super-rare 1967 stage II COPO monza & the real fun; a stage IV ’66 Yenko stinger. The latter required the majority of the effort being I wanted an accurate Stinger vs semi-accurate corvair disguised to pass for a stinger. What was missing and required to achieve that was a set of accurate quarter-window extensions that needed building from scratch (It’s rumored Yenko added these to up the structural, anti-flex integrity of the corvair body)…

The rear spoiler was another piece I had to improvise in order to replicate. I ended up modifying a camaro spoiler to adapt to the unconventional rear end design. More scratch modeling to replicate the deck mounted trap door intakes, along with various emblems and other trim. On the interior side I included an accurate support cage & swapped out the speedo with a period correct 8 thousand rpm tach. The monza outer beams have also been mapped to correct T3 bulbs with altered cast light effects. One of the more impressive aspects of gtr2 considering it’s age along with real time weather manipulation, is night atmosphere & rain effects. 

I temporarily put the camaro cockpit model on hold to finish up with these cars. Turning attention back towards the camaro and sorting out a few more details along with the cockpit, I’ll have some first person interior shots up once all is squared away.









Base Prototype.

Finalizing the preliminary build…  


With the main model complete and functional, final prep will be to move towards finalizing the 1st person cockpit (separate model) and some minor beta testing to work out any bugs. I changed course with the direction of this car after doing some more research on it. I decided to build the car as it ran in the Sebring 4 hour enduro race early in it’s inception. Couple reasons for this being to move it more towards the performance characteristics of many of the available early mustang offerings included within the p&g mod.

In the early years of trans am the camaros held an edge with the z/28 and available rpo packages for even the novice competitor – notably the four disc brake option and late season (1967) ‘x-ram’ dual intake manifold setup. By 1968 trans am gained the attention (and funding) of the major automakers & premiere race teams resulting in the cars evolving more towards purpose built racers. Initially I want to replicate the early cars on scene before shifting the build more towards the evolved top tier offerings from Penske etc.

The following are some visuals of the car as it ran at Sebring – ref #1, ref #2, ref #3

Note the crude trunk fill setup (the taped opening I would imagine is to foil any air turbulence over the deck due to the cut out not being flush to the filler neck)also being an early fielded car, lack of any bracing around the factory window moldings

The car appears to be a factory ermine car with black stencil stripes added over the clear. From the zoomed in angle it appears a further metallic green stencil was laid over the center striping while the outer striping retained the underlying black bordering. All of these details I’ve incorporated into the model build.

I decided to skirt any underhood ui display modeling to speed along progress with the overall build. As far as I’m aware the result is the most accurate trans am camaro replica to date across platforms. The model is also to accurate 108 inch wheelbase scale.








Chassis Build.

Fitting out the chassis…  


Closing in on completing the chassis for the z/28. Majority are parts I’ve sourced from past nr2003 builds (drive-train & exhaust) – little more 2d detail to go for the negative black space in and around the under-hood area, but the basis for a detailed chassis is in place.

Being the camaro is a of unit-chassis construction I wanted to work towards a paintable undercarriage to match the paint on the body. The undercarriage template makes that possible for variations on car liveries. As far as limitations on just how much detail that can be crammed into a gtr2 model, from what I’ve seen quite a bit with little issue for even a medium level rig. This current build so far rounds out to under 25 thousand faces (the yenko corvair I have next to completed tops out at 80 thousand plus) – so I’m well within limitations…

It’s also possible within gtr2 to have an alternate variation of your model for ui display purposes. I was considering building sort of an extreme build of the car to that end (a ‘hood up’ display) – with detailed engine bay utilizing some of the low-poly engine builds I have sitting around that were never really utilized from old nr2003 builds. So I might assemble one in the next update and see how that pans out…

















Further Progress.

Building the standard ’67 & ’68 noses…  


Further progress on the model (template & grille work) Again, I’m really pleased with this new model and although I had a lot of work sunk into the prior model (including various build configurations), this new body totally justifies scraping the old project and rebuilding.

My approach is to build variations on the model (years 1967 & ’68) which is another factor I love about gtr2 – variations in builds with no two cars even of the same make & model year being exactly the same…

As for difference in these camaro years, the most obvious being the difference in grilles between the two. I have a standard grille already built for the ’68 variant which just needs to be retro fitted. In addition to those two I’m also looking to include the rs ‘hide-away’ grille which was fitted to this model when I obtained it. Just on approach I think I am going to tackle the grilles first and update/display them in this post update as I separate the builds.

One other difference between years is the window glass – 1967 was the only year camaro which featured ‘wing-windows’ on the car (easy retrofit from the prior build) Other details I’m leaning towards switching up – different fuel dumps fitted to the trunks, outside mirrors styles, and minor differences in configuration of the interiors.

Template work reflects the Hilton fielded Alan Green sponsored camaro that ran Sebring. This was also the first Z/28s shipped to the northwest region of the US (Seattle, Washington) I saw this car in person back in 2007 at a northwest historics meet up. The Hilton group also fielded some oval cars (particularly in the arca series) – example being this  Hilton daytona.

This is also some great research & reference on this particular car courtesy of this thread which features a pretty impressive styrene build.












Body Prep.




Prepping the camaro shell…  


With edits to the primary body shell complete – correct flat z/28 hood & some minor editing to the rear licence plate fascia – the new body is ready to be swapped onto the old chassis where permitted. I may need to retain the window glass and other minor details, but the main chassis & interior should swap in with little hassle.

One other detail I’ve yet to test fit is the standard grille from the old model, although should be easier to retrofit than the older hood which I had to scrap entirely. The hood pictured is the original twin bulge hood which I opted to flatten because the dimensions were way off between models. Once I get these additional minor parts sorted it’s just a matter of re-scaling, mapping, and then exporting the model. Once done the new body will also need a brand new template.  

I’ve decided on two variations of this model to cover variations of the ’67 to ’68 camaros in trans am (stage I & II) – stage I to represent the early privateer entries into the series sans rear spoiler, standard ’67 grilles & more factory oriented interiors. Stage II to include both front & rear spoilers, and more fabrication on the interior end of things… 











Z/28 Donor.

Prepping a fresh camaro body to replicate the trans am era z/28s…  


a while back I built a string of fully prepped & functional z/28s for gtr2 in order to begin replicating an accurate trans am series set/project to expand upon the ‘power & glory’ total mod conversion for gtr2. One factor if you run and are familiar with gtr2; in order to install p&g you also need to have simbin’s original title ‘gt legends’ (gtl) installed. Both are well worth the investment and the cds in original jewel cases can be found online for dirt cheap.

‘p&g’ would get my vote as the most aesthetically pleasing mod for both visuals, interface, and depth across all simulator platforms. Primarily that is the reasoning for holding back with my prior z/28 builds (I felt they weren’t quite up to snuff to be included as expansion add ons for such a masterpiece)

While I was satisfied with the templates, cockpit build, painted cars, and other aesthetics, I was never really sold on the model (particular the body) – the roofline was a bit too high & the shape of the quarter panels were…’off’

I had been scouting around for a replacement model for some time in order to rebuild with the parts & pieces I already had finished and ready. Enter the camaro shell to the right which I yanked out of assetto corsa (credit to the original model sculptor) – as far as the body is concerned (far superior) although as with most models, lacking full accuracy to faithfully recreate a T/A racer of the day.

areas to address; the hood – the race cars ran the standard flat camaro hood. This I already have built from previous builds although I have yet to test fit it. In addition, same for the grilles. – the race cars again ran with the standard basic grilles which I will attempt to retro-fit to the new model. One other nice detail of this new model is the accurate rear deck filler commonly included with a lot of the top tier teams. 

The original p&g conversion included limited nicely done models of T/A oriented cars (mainly first generation mustangs)…

In addition to those a handful of impressive model builds were released as stand alone cars. I plan to feature & link those cars here at some point in the future. On my end I also have a replica yenko corvair stinger that is 99.8 percent ready to add to this ever evolving project. 







“‘p&g’ would get my vote as the most aesthetically pleasing mod for both visuals, interface, and depth across all simulator platforms. “