Body Assembly.

Body panel & trim assembly…     


Some progress on the main model assembly which is closing in on done. Numerous parts as expected with such a detailed model, a bit tedious but not too extreme.  As a rule the more detailed the model the less baggage on the 2d side of things. Although the main body would definitely benefit from just a basic shading layer.

Not easily discernable from the screen caps, but the ‘sport-tone’ trim (anodized pattern within the side spears) proved to be the majority of the headache at this phase finding the correct scale & pattern as with any of the model work. This has been a lengthy sidetrack from the scca builds and being a production line model, a bit too much of a sidetrack to juggle between an ongoing project like that (so chances are I will keep factory stock builds like this sort of a once in a while thing)

However, early sixties/late fifties car builds are of big interest to me. Especially of the super rare variety including factory prototype & concept cars. For instance this 1960 bonneville x-400 concept with vintage lathem supercharger & mechanical exhaust dumps would be an interesting build. Working towards a set of rare factory prototypes and one-off experimentals is where I’d categorize this effort once finished.  








Replicating plymouths’s ultra-rare factory ‘fuelie’ hotrod…     


Early progress on the ‘electrojector’ plymouth for gtr2. If you’re not familiar with the efi mopars of this period, I covered them somewhat in depth in this write up from last week.  

Obtained a highly detailed and beautiful model, although the door meshes would not covert to a useable format (the converter kept spitting them out into the polygon equivalent of a compacted junk cube), so I had to rebuild the doors on the model. The primary difference between the dual-carbureted plymouths and their efi counterparts was the fuel injection fender badges of which I already have modeled and set in place. So the rest is pretty straight forward in converting the model over to gtr2…  

From the research I’ve done there was a total of three plymouth furys outfitted with electronic fuel injection in 1958. Although there is evidence of a belvedere model pictured here sporting efi call outs (courtesy of 

An indicator that the documented record is a bit spotty. The system was intended from what I understood to be an across line option for any v8 in the series from the 318 up to the one year only offered 350 B series engine. Chrysler had intended widespread application as all bodies were pre fabricated to have an access port for the submerged fuel pumps grafted into the trunk floors. My primary inspiration from this being a shelf model that I had considered converting into an efi  display (although decided against and opted to go with a virtual model instead) This should prove to be somewhat slow going until other projects wrap up. I’ve set up a page to monitor progress with all ongoing builds here