Sprint Cup Series (build 2.0)

Graphical rebuild of the 2011-2012 era Sprint cup mod for nr2k3.


Below you will find the download link to a complete graphical conversion for the sprint cup mod for nr2k3 season. Complete detail overhaul covering graphical visuals both first & third person among other visuals.


What’s included:
Base mod (sprint cup 2.0) for ease of install simplicity (original read me included)
Graphical files in re-packed nr2003 dat file.
Installation read me.

There are two versions of this era cup mod floating around out in the ether. One reflects rule changes implemented during the season to replicate the super-speedway event only rear spoilers affixed to the cars – this wouldn’t be that particular mod…

The download below covers the mod featuring the non-superspeedway spoiler equipped cars. However at some point in the future I will get around to converting all if not most of the sprint cars available on site to my own version (image below) of the non-restrictor plate spoiler in addition to non-plate versions already available on site here